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  I’m excited to tell you about my adult ADHD coaching packages that will help you get the results you are looking for so you can BEGIN making the changes in your life you have been dreaming about!


Although you can book individual coaching sessions, the process of transformation takes time so working with your coach for a longer time period is recommended.


In most cases, coaching will require several sessions over a few months to really get clear on where you want to go and get moving towards the future life you want to create! 






Three-month or six-month coaching programs are tailored to the needs of the individual and their specific challenges they are facing right now in their personal and professional lives.


For more detailed information on our personalized coaching programs download the program guide by clicking the link above.



Coaching Packages   


  There are three coaching options you can choose from.

All coaching sessions are online. So you can be at work, at home or anywhere that is the most convenient for you!

Check out my packages below to see what option works best for you! Click on the link to schedule a session.

One hour session

Bite-size stand-alone one-hour session to begin your coaching journey

 $110 per hour

Three-month program

Three-month coaching program with 12 weekly sessions

$410 per month for 3 months

SIx- month program

Six-month coaching program with 24 weekly sessions

$400 per month for 6 months

"I have learned so much from Sally about education, creating an impact in my community and in becoming a better coach, to my kids and circle.  She is highly recommended to help alleviate any barrier that you may face.


Tyree Byndom : Coach

"I have worked with Sally for three months as her client. She is sensitive, a very good listener, and she sees things within my words and then subtly guides me to realize my own potential and worth as a human being. I can not say enough good about her coaching skills. I recommend her highly and sincerely." 

Carol Campbell: Doula and Reiki


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