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4 Awesome apps to Organize your Day and Get you Feeling Great!

As a former high school teacher before, I started my adult ADHD coaching practice, I totally understand the challenge that students and adults with ADHD feel when meeting deadlines, remembering tasks, keeping track of appointments and due dates.

Back in the day, the only option for getting organized was agendas, planners maybe Post-it notes all over your bedroom mirror and relying on friends and family members to save the day.

Fortunately, times have changed! Yaay! There all kinds of assistive technology available with laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. This does make getting organized and managing your time just so much easier than say a decade or more ago.

Let's look at some of the best organizational apps out there that can help you at work and at home and in your daily life. These fantastic apps will help you to get your keys and work in on time, remember what you have to and write to-do lists.


Although Asana is designed originally for a work management platform, it easily lends itself also to solopreneurs, busy Moms, or in fact, anybody who has a lot going on in their everyday life. It is particularly useful for multi-taskers as it allows you to make multiple to-do lists under different topics and categories.

For adults with ADHD, it is particularly useful as with each task on the to-do list, you have the opportunity to break it down into even smaller tasks and actions. For example, if you were planning a birthday party, you could then break down everything you had to organize in the sub-task list.

The great thing about Asana is that you can be marking each task complete as you go along, which is indicated by some light-hearted and cheerful icons, usually stars, unicorns, and the like. Completing tasks, no matter how small, always makes us feel good.

Asana also has the option of a calendar view where you can add the date due and you can also organize your tasks into more visual boards to allow you to move around different tasks into different categories.

Another great thing but this platform is you can share it with friends, family, co-workers or members of your team to plan or work with them collaboratively,


I love Evernote! Evernote is a note-taking app for your phone or tablet. Apart from its basic function of taking notes and creating to-do lists, it also offers you various templates for different types of listings, for example, a shopping list as well as allowing you to create handwritten notes using your finger or a pencil.

You can sync your Evernote lists or notes across all your devices and easily access them from a web browser, as well. This app also integrates with Gmail and outlook as well as google drive.

All in all, it makes it really hard to lose information and allows you to track your ideas, plans, and to-do lists really quickly, so nothing gets lost or forgotten!


Managing time is often a challenge for adults with ADHD. We often have trouble getting started on a task or getting started to say, cleaning the kitchen or tidying up a room.

Even at work, it is very easy to procrastinate and get distracted away from the task at hand.

Have you ever tried a time tracking software?

Clockify is a free time tracking app that can help you get focused on the project or chore you are working on.

Let's say you decide to work on a work-related project for an hour. ( Hopefully, one you are interested in as boredom with a task often acts as a significant obstacle to getting it completed!)

So you log in to clockify and either set a timer for an hour or simple start the time tracker and keep an eye on the time as you work. There is something about knowing you are being timed in some way that helps you to focus and get things done.

You will be amazed as to how it can improve your productivity and get more done in a short space of time!

Last Pass

Do you have trouble remembering all the different passwords for the myriad of websites and platforms you use? If so, then this app is for you. Last Pass is an app that will store all your passwords.

Available as an app and a browser extension, all you need to do is create a memorable master password, and then you start adding passwords to what the app calls a password vault.

Last Pass will save your logins as you log in for the first time, or you can import passwords from email or other password sites and apps. It is highly encrypted so very secure, and you have the option of two-factor authentication as well to make your passwords even more secure.

These are only four of the many organizational apps that are available, and new apps are being rolled out continuously. Take some time to see which apps may work well for you and help manage your ADHD symptoms daily, at work and at home, more successfully!

If you want more tools to help you get your life organized and building the future, you want to create head over to my website at and grab your free resources or click below!

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