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5 Secrets to Using Your Hyperfocus When You Have ADHD

Hyperfocus is a state of mind where you are completely absorbed in a task or project to a point where you tune out and forget about everything else

You get it right’ This sounds so familiar, we have all been there!

People may say to you. I don't understand why you say you have ADHD! I see that you can focus for hours on end on a video game, or a jigsaw puzzle, or scrolling through your Instagram feed. Sure looks like you are pretty focused!

For folks with ADHD this is fairly common!

To be honest, when you have ADHD it is not totally about attention deficit. Another way to label it if you will is a dysregulation of attention.

For the ADHD brain when you are really motivated, really passionate, or enjoying what you are doing then you go into hyperfocus mode.

When you find something boring or a waste of time, or maybe even an enormous task that overwhelms you then you often lose interest or delay doing it.

What causes hyperfocus in the ADHD brain?

Hyperfocus is probably caused by a lack of dopamine in the brain a neurotransmitter that sends messages from one part of the brain to another. It is also connected with the process of shifting from one task to another which many people with ADHD find challenging

It may be a way of coping with distractions

It can be an amazing asset allowing you to be productive and focused for hours on end when you are super into what you are doing

The downside of this is you may forget about other important stuff you have to do or delay doing boring tasks that are not so interesting but may be urgent! You may be so absorbed that you miss deadlines,meetings, forget to take the dog to the vet, or going to family events

So how can I use hyperfocus to my advantage?

Well, the best thing to do is not to fight it but to channel it to your advantage.

Let's look at some ways you can do this!

5 ways to use your hyperfocus to be more productive.

1.The first one is fairly obvious! Use your hyperfocus to focus on a project or task for work, school, or home that you love doing to really amp up your productivity and be able to finish the project or task successfully.

2, Use hyperfocus as a reward mechanism when you are have completed one or more boring or tedious tasks

3 When you are in hyperfocus mode, set an alarm or timer to remind you of urgent tasks you have to take care of. This could be anything from paying a bill, a phone call, taking out the trash, or even walking the dog!

4 Hyperfocus can cause you to excel in one specific area that you love, Use this to your advantage in your studies your workplace and consider it an amazing strength

5. Set a time limit to how much time you will remain in hyperfocus mode. You may be happy to be in the zone all day but your friends and family may not! Set an alarm on your phone or your computer or ask a family member to remind you to come out of hyperfocus mode within a reasonable time frame.

6. Similarly ask a friend, coworker, or family member to be your hyperfocus buddy. Ask them to come and remind you that you have been working on this task now for 3 hours non stop and no you have to take care of other tasks or chores that are urgent.

Want more tips on resetting your focus?

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