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Proven and Practical Ways an Adult ADHD Coach can Help You

If you are an adult with ADHD You may be wondering what ADHD coaching is and how it could help you. Perhaps you have never even heard of coaching for adults with ADHD. This blog post will try to explain what adult ADHD coaching is and the benefits it can bring you as you try to manage your ADHD symptoms daily.

Coaching has been around in many fields for quite some time now. Business coaches work with employees and executives in the business world, relationship coaches work with couples, a money coach would focus on helping you get your financial affairs in order. only until recently has coaching adults with ADHD become more popular and growing in demand and proving to be helpful to individuals with ADHD.

Unlike counseling or mentoring, coaches do not position themselves as experts who offer solutions and give lots of advice. Coaches, on the other hand, work collaboratively with their clients. They believe that at the end of the day, it is the client who is the expert in their individual personal and professional life.

Coaches help clients to manage their goals especially with clients who have adult ADHD by breaking them down into smaller,more manageable chunks. this helps them feel they are making progress on a daily basis and cuts down on the overwhelm.

An Adult ADHD coach will focus on the challenges and obstacles in our daily lives which can sometimes be caused or triggered by ADHD symptoms. The coach then works with the client to find the best ways to apply these solutions on a day to day basis.

What might be some of the challenges and obstacles that adults with ADHD face?

Here are some examples of problems that may occur in the workplace, in the university or our personal lives.

  • Difficulties with time management.

  • Acting impulsively at work or at home.

  • Getting distracted easily, having poor concentration.

  • Losing things frequently

  • Stress when traveling or other types of stressful scenarios,

  • meeting deadlines

  • Getting organized and structuring the day.

  • Planning short and long term goals.

  • Slow to get started and take action

  • Procrastination or leaving things unfinished.

  • Low self-esteem and lacking in confidence

  • Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed

  • Troubling coping with rejection

How can an ADHD coach offer support?

It is important to understand that coaching is a collaboration between the coach and the client. The coach will explain that the individual being coached is the expert about his or her life. He or she needs a space to figure out solutions for the best way forward.

A coach can provide you with this reflective space.

Coaching uses powerful questioning techniques to help you reflect, become aware and evaluate what would be the best strategies and solutions for the problems and challenges you are facing. It is a very personal approach to help you figure out how to achieve your goals and have a better awareness of your strengths and weaknesses.

In a way, the coach acts as a mirror of the individual's thoughts and feelings. Through this process of mirroring the person being coached begins to find clarity and knowledge of what they really want. Once they have clarity they then figure out how to take action to achieve their desires or fulfill their needs. The coach will then help to create a step by step plan for implementing change.

What happens in a coaching session?

Usually, the coach and coachee will meet for hourly sessions either every week or every two weeks. The person being coached will always lead the session with what they want to focus on that will give them the most value. During the session, this issue or topic will be explored until a plan is constructed as to what steps can be taken to manage the situation.

Once the coachee has decided what steps they will take they then also decide how they can be accountable for taking these actions over the next few days or weeks. In the next session, the coach will start by following up on these action steps to check on progress before continuing with the session.

It may be that you need need to spend several weeks working on specific issues such as procrastination. It takes time to create lasting change, it is not a simple overnight process! Every coaching program is personalized for individual needs making it unique for every person.

Adult ADHD coaching works really well in tandem with any other professional support that you may have such as a therapist, nutritionist or doctor. They do not conflict with each other, instead they complement each other encouraging you to move forward and feel confident to manage the challenges in your personal and professional life successfully!

If you feel adult ADHD coaching may be right for you book your FREE 30- minute discovery call by clicking on the link below!


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