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Rethinking Your Focus During The Covid19 Crisis

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

The Covid19 crisis has swept the world into an unprecedented storm , converting 2020 into a year that has been put on hold for individuals, communities, companies, and indeed even countries. From one person to entire nations, life as we know it stopped and the “ new normal “ that we are all talking about has set in ( at least for now).

Of course, the main priority has become protecting our health and well being. Staying at home, practicing good hygiene, and keeping our distance has become a daily routine. We try to avoid watching the news too much, yet at the same time our hearts are filled with grief for those who have lost friends and loved ones.

Simultaneously, staying at home 24/7 is causing a shift in our thinking and al this extra time we have on our hands is leading to a lot more self-reflection.

Here are some of the questions you may be asking yourselves right now.

What is important to me right now?

Is this really what I want to be doing with my life?

What is it I really care about?

What should I focus on when this is all over? or perhaps ….

How can I use the limited time I have on earth to make a difference?

What are my intentions really after this crisis has passed?

What matters most?

We cannot deny that what is happening to us is a form of trauma on a collective level.

No- one saw this coming and it has all happened very fast. It was a shock to our systems on an emotional and psychological level. It was and still is scary.

Life has become at least temporarily uncertain. Our immediate and long term goals may have been put on hold. Maybe these goals are also in the process of changing and we don’t know yet in what way.

I think that this trauma of the Covid 19 pandemic is creating a lot of introspection. Like it or not we are made to reflect on our individual and collective lives and or place in the universe.

A shift in focus.

What will really make us happy? Are the goals we have been chasing after really what will create happiness in our lives? Do we need to focus on changing our vision and reenvision a different type of life, a different type of future?

What we are facing is the realization that the wellbeing of the global community and each and every individual on that community needs to be the priority.

What needs to shift on a global level?

What needs to shift on an individual level?

What do I need to do to shift my perceptions and refocus my life and my priorities?

These are big questions and the answers to them may not be clear right now. It is a process. But what I know for sure is there IS a shift in thinking going on in people’s lives.

So we have a choice, Either to move forward and jump on the ship that is taking humanity on a somewhat different path or stay stuck on the shore, remain unchanged and watch from the side of the river as other folks make a transformational shift in their lives for the better.

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