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This is What Happens When You Work with a Successful Life Coach.

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

I am guessing a lot of you have heard about life coaching on the internet, social media and maybe from friends or colleagues. But what is a life coach exactly and what happens when you work with one? Why do people choose a life coach and what does the process look like when you decide to partner with a life coach?

There are so many coaches out there! There are life coaches of all ages and backgrounds. There are also executive coaches, career coaches and business coaches. There are life coaches who are certified and have gone through training, and other life coaches who have not had so much training but still run a successful business. So sometimes it is tricky to figure out!

You may know absolutely nothing about coaching ,or you may have heard of all kinds of other coaches like success coach, transformation coach, mindset coach and so on. It is definitely very confusing!

I thought it would be useful to clarify what a life coach is, and what the benefits are and how life coaching is different from mentoring, counseling and consulting.

So let's dig in and find out what happens when you work with a successful certified life coach!

What is a life coach?

A life coach will partner with you to create the changes that you are looking for.

· He or she helps you creates a space for reflection and creative thinking.

· This process then works as an inspiration for you to take action and take steps towards really fulfilling your potential.

· You decide what you want to focus on in the sessions. It can be any issue or problem at all that you want to explore.

· A life coach will work with you by having one to one sessions by phone or in person, or using a virtual platform like Zoom.

· A life coach encourages you to be accountable in your life and for the plan of action you create!


A life coach does not offer therapy, mentoring, counseling or consulting. These are totally different services for different needs.

A life coach acts as a sounding board so you can explore your ideas, thoughts and emotions and then helps to empower you to take action!

What are some of the reasons people start working with a life coach?

There are all kinds of reasons people choose to partner with a life coach. Here are just some examples:

· Having trouble finding work- life balance.

· Not seeing the success, you want in your life.

· Feeling unclear about what to do next.

· Learning to use your strengths and overcoming perceived weaknesses.

· Facing a major challenge or obstacle.

· Problems at work with coworkers or your boss.

· Feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

· Feeling frustrated and wanting to see faster results.

· Really wanting to create a major change in your life.

How long do you need to commit to working with a life coach?

·The amount of sessions varies depending on your needs, but usually it is for three months or more.

What skills does a life coach need to help you reach maximum success?

· A life coach focuses on the future and results.

· A life coach needs to be a good listener and facilitate any shifts in thinking that happen.

· A life coach helps you manage personal change and plan out the next steps you need to take.

What about the person being coached?

· They need to be ready and open to change!

· They need to be willing to challenge any beliefs and attitudes that may be getting in the way of their growth.

· They need to find a little bit of courage - change can be challenging!

So what are the benefits of working with a Life Coach?

A life coach can help you create change in your life by changing your mindset.

The goal is transformation.

Transformation of thoughts and attitudes.

Taking steps to transform your life and build your best future


Working with a life coach is about nurturing growth, success and moving forward. This can take many forms depending on the individual

It does not happen overnight, but real transformational change can happen, pushing you forward to the next step in your life.

Life is about growing. Sometimes we get stuck. Life coaching can give you the push you need to start moving forward again!

Interested in becoming a life coach? Check out the life coach training program at Goal Imagery Institute.

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