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What is  ADHD coaching?

What is  ADHD Coaching?

So, you may not be totally clear on how ADHD coaching works.

Let me explain!


ADHD coaching is an amazing tool which opens up space where you can explore what is going on in your head ( and sometimes your heart too. )

  Adult ADHD Coaches do not position themselves as the experts who offer solutions  and give lots of advice

  Adult ADHD Coaches on the other hand work as partners with their clients believing that at the end of the day it is actually the client who is the expert in their own  personal and professional life.

 Adult ADHD coaching  will focus on the challenges and obstacles in our daily lives which can sometimes be caused or triggered by ADHD symptoms. 


The coach then works with the client to find the best ways to apply these solutions on a day to day basis.

  • Help you make an action plan.

  • Help you decide what support and skills you need to get there.

  • Support you in the process of moving forward.

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